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Old Times

The candies is today still made as they did over 100 years ago. Get a glimpse of the old manufacturing methods by either watch this video or visit the manufacturing on all weekdays.

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Homemade candy and sweets with proud traditions

Old fashion homemade sweets

Our sweets are, like our name, tied to a long tradition of making candy. Our recipes are passed down from generation to generation. Which means that we still produces sweets like in the old days, according to the same recipe and everything is still homemade with real natural ingredients.

Our sweets are made with respect for tradition and follows the good old craftsmanship methods. Every piece of candy is still made as we did it in 1891, with almost the same machinery and methods of production we used back then.

In our production we do not use dextrose, glucose, corn starch, flavoring or other synthetic sugars. We use only pearl sugar, in the making of our production tradition-bound sweets.

We have a wide range of sweets with various colors, sizes, shapes and flavors. Common to them all is that they are free from artificial flavors and dyes. Everything is 100% natural.

As when we started on Nørregade our range of candy still holds classics such as;
- King of Denmark
- Bismarck
- Althea and
- Caramel sweets

To keep up with our customers' tastes and preferences, we have since extended the range of candy to include sweets with sugar, cola, licorice, rhubarb and honey.

In addition, we monitor future trends and offers delicious handmade lollipops and sweets to flavor and color allergy sufferers.

We also offer sweets with logo, perfect for gifts at fairs or at conferences.

While we cherish our traditions, our inspiration for new recipes comes both from our clients but also from new taste sensations we encounter in everyday life. You can read our story and how we make our sweets here.

Selected candies

Royal court supplier

We are proud to be Royal Court suppliers, which we have been since 1991. The appointment took place the same year as our 100th anniversary.

We are very touched by the gesture that rewards our family's passion to provide only the best quality and live up to the proud traditions of craftsmanship which Sømods sweet makers have used through 6 generations.

We still produces the original sweets by hand and of the same raw materials as in 1891. We are also still bound by family values, for it is now the fifth generation of the family Søemod that controls the candy factory and ensures that it is the right Sømods Candies, you can buy in Nørregade as well as online in our webshop.

But what does it mean?

Royal Court supplier is a predicate dating back to the 1800s that can be awarded to companies and individuals who have had prolonged and regular trading of a certain scale with the royal family and the royal household.

Additionally, it is a prerequisite that the company must be well established, financially sound, well managed and reputable.

The predicate is not automatically granted, but must be sought, and then the households Office assesses whether the application can be submitted to Her Majesty the Queen.

The appointment is made personally by Her Majesty the Queen and according to the old tradition takes place on the monarch's birthday.

Come visit and see our craftmanship

Come visit Sømods Candies factory where time seems to stand still. We have retained the old manufacturing method, so the sweets is still produced as over 100 years ago. This even though the production has increased from 27 tons a year to 50 tons annually.

Sømods Candies factory is a historical time capsule that gives an insight into Copenhagen artisanal history and traditions, where you can gain insight into how we make our sweets.

Since we started the production in the factory in 1932, there have been only small changes in production.

The stove, which the candy mass is cooked in, is still the original, which, however, are converted from being a coal stove to burn gas.

Furthermore Theodor Søemod came up with two ideas that could improve the production of candy: an electric fan so the sweets was cooled faster, and a small heater, so you could extend the working with the candy mass by about 10 minutes.

There are also introduced small daily aids to reduce the workload: Drop boilers got a cart to transport 27 kg heavy copper pot of boiling candy mass from the stove to the production table, and the ladies in the shop has received a closing machine for the candy bags so they do not physically have to close the many bags that weigh every day.

The biggest change is, however, the package. In the 1950s sweets are still wrapped in a traditional paper cornet, but it is now no longer possible to use paper cones, since they are not airtight and the sweets greases. Similarly, it is a necessity with air conditioning during production to minimize the moisture that gets the sweets to stick.

Visit Sømods Candies factory in Copenhagen and get an insight into the old craft traditions associated with the production of sweets.


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Sweets with personalized name and logo

If you or your company needs to arrange a special event and are missing the last piece of the puzzle to put the icing on the cake and if you want to stay connected with the highest quality and sustainability - Then sweets with logo from Sømods Candies is just what you are missing!

Send us an email with your logo or message and we will present you options for unique designed sweet.

Sweets for special occasions

Sweets with logo is a glorious detail for the event, showing careful planning down to the smallest detail - something your employees, business partners and customers would love.

Therefore, this type of treats also become a popular choice for receptions, trade shows and other business presentations. It is a perfect advertising opportunity where you simultaneously pamper your customers or employees, while the sweets tells a story about extra careful preparation and organization of the whole event. Sweets with logo are in other words, an excellent way to get maximum return for your advertising investment.

Sweets with logo - entirely to suit your taste

We have a large selection of classic flavors, which includes everything from salty to sweet - or combinations thereof. Therefore we can offer our customers a large range of flavers to suit there wishes.

You can thus get sweets with logo, just as you want it - with personal logo design and your own favorite taste.

We use only natural ingredients and no artificial flavors and dyes, so you will by choosing Sømod Candies, signal energy and quality awareness.
Our sweets are manufactured with respect for traditions and follows the good old craftmanships methods - something you definitely will be able to taste every time you enjoy a sweet from Sømods Candies.

King of Denmark Bonbon

The most famous candy in Denmark is probably the king of Denmark. The red candy with the characteristic taste. The Sweet is named after King Christian the 5th (King of Denmark from 1670 to 1699), who was got the sweets as medicine for stomach aches.
br> King of Denmark-sweets taste of star anise. In the 1600s anise oil were used as a popular medicine for stomach aches.

The story of the sweets genesis goes that King Christian. 5. called his physician to be cured of a stomach ache. Contemporary medicine for stomach ache was anise oil, which has a very strong flavor. The king therefore refused to drink the anis oil and doctor then had to think creatively to entice the oil to the king.

He had heard of a pharmacist's practice of mixing medications in a sugar paste to make it palatable, and the doctor followed the pharmacist’s example and made a warm sugar paste, which he mixed with the anis oil and beetroot juice.

The fine red sweets that came out of this experiment, the king would like to eat, and since the sweets have become a public favorite. And the king was cured for the stomach ache!

Sugar Free sweets

Sømods sugarless sweets are made from natural ingredients and the taste is among the top sugar-free candy. Read more about our fabulous sugar free sweets here - and then you can of course buy them online here in our shop or visit us in Nørregade.

Do you get fat from sugar-free sweets? Sømods sugarless sweets are sugar-free candy, which you can eat with a clear conscience. The content of calories is less than half as much as in our normal sweets with sugar.

How do Sømods Candies make sugar-free sweets? Sømods sugarless sweets are made by our own unique recipes where there is no added artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners. We have after years of research found out how we can make great-tasting, sugar-free sweets with 100% natural content.

Good intestinal flora and nicely blood sugar Our sugar-free sweets stimulates the intestinal flora and can help lower blood sugar at the same time that they have the right and tasty bolchesmag!

The essence of our sugar-free sweets are Actilight, which is a natural fiber product made from beets. Actilight provide more healthy and beneficial effects, including a more balanced bowel function. The content of dietary fiber in our sweets is on the whole 8%.

In addition, we integrated the world's sweetest plant, Stevia rebaudiana, in all our sugar free sweets. Stevia is a natural sweetener that can help lower blood sugar levels. )

Therefore, our sugar-free sweets a safe and good choice, when choosing sugar-free candy.